What is Ganbanyoku?

What is Ganbanyoku?

The Ganbanyoku or Traditional Japanese Hot Stone Therapy is a truly unique experience.

Are you seeking natural solutions to stimulate your immune system and maintain vitality and wellbeing?

Ganbanyoku, which means bedrock bathing in Japanese, uses a special magma stone to heat the body from the outside in. The stones release infrared rays and negative ions to speed up the release of toxins from the body through perspiration.

Pressure points around the body that are in contact with the stone are stimulated to alleviate joint, muscular and nerve pain. The stones are kept between 42°C to 44°C and the ambient humidity at between 62% to 65%, providing a comfortable temperature that is both safe and enjoyable.

Be rewarded by simply lying down on a warm stone floor

It is believed that far-infrared rays are released from the magma stone beds. These are invisible rays of natural sunlight that have the longest wavelength. They are commonly known as "growth rays" and have the ability to penetrate deeply (up to 1.5 inches) into the hypodermis and into the joints and muscles. They gently alleviate the body’s surface temperature and activate major bodily functions.

What to expect at the Bliss Ganbanyoku Room

Before entering into the Bliss Ganbanyoku Room each guest is provided with:

  • A locked key to store your clothing and belongings (please leave valuables at home)
  • A comfortable sports uniform with the Bliss Stone Spa logo
  • A bottle of 500ml New Zealand spring water
  • Disposable underwear
  • A bath towel and a hand towel

To begin your Ganbanyoku treatment change into your Bliss Stone Spa wear, lock your belongings in the locker and then enter the Ganbanyoku Room with your water bottle.

Inside the Bliss Ganbanyoku Room

It is recommended you have a shower before entering the hot stone therapy Ganbanyoku Room. Lie down on the heated granite, on top of the towel provided for 10-15 mins. Take a 5 min rest in the relaxation room between sessions, which can be repeated to make up the 45 or 60 mins treatment session.

While on the stone bed, try to lie on your stomach for 5-10 mins and then turn over on to your back (feet flat on the stone or legs out stretched). After a 5 min cool down period, you can lie on each side of the body for a further 5-10 mins – whichever you feel is the most comfortable. If you have joint pain, try to place the sore area of your body in direct contact with the stone. The increased blood flow will help alleviate the pain.

You will sweat profusely in the Ganbanyoku Room – but the sweat is clean and odourless! Please remember to keep hydrated during the treatment.

A Bliss Reflexology and Massage staff member will notify you 10 mins before the 45 or 60 minute treatment is due to end. This will allow time for you to dry off and get dressed.

It is recommended not to shower for at least two hours after the treatment to gain the most benefits for your skin and hair.

Enjoy this relaxing Zen time, as you detoxify the body, boost your immune system and condition the skin.

Please remember to put the spa wear and towels into the laundry baskets provided. The locker key can be given back to the receptionist. Place your disposable underwear into the rubbish bin provided.

The unisex Bliss Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Spa is available only at our Auckland City branch for up to 8 people.

Contact Bliss City branch to book your Ganbanyoku room treatment:

Bliss in the City
4F/Atrium on Elliott
09 368 4698

Location Details:

Opening hours: 10am - last booking at 7.40pm, Monday to Sunday.
Closed on public holidays.
Parking: Atrium car park off Albert St